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We do innovation, creativity, effectiveness and all that with love.

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We strive for the top of the podium.

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We Are Bright Irish Dance
Edinburgh | Midlothian | Westlothian | Fife

Traditional & Contemporary Irish dance lessons, for all ages.
At Bright Irish Dance we build champions by doing things a little differently.

We're Creative
Dancing With Expression

Teaching Irish dance as an expressive art, enhanced through related dance activities, fitness, flexibility and stage presence.

We're Contemporary
Irish Dance With A Twist

We like to think outside the box with our unique and cutting-edge Irish dance choreography and fitness techniques.

We're Passionate
Irish Dancing Is In Our Blood

We're a ‘family’ of Irish dancers who all share a special bond - the love of competitive Irish dance.

We're Winners
Routinely At The Top Of The Podium

Our Irish dancing lessons are taught by former British & World Champion Irish dancer famed for her stunning dance choreography.

Irish Dance Classes
Teaching With Love

At our Irish dance classes we teach our students competitive Irish dancing. We are a school that competes at a variety of Irish dance organisations under the 'Open Platform' umbrella, our students learn much more than how to compete.

They learn hard work, dedication, perseverance and gain life long friendships. Each class provides an energetic and nurturing environment that I students thrive in. Our 'World Class' instructor will teach you or your child correct form and technique as well as many other life skills far beyond Irish dancing.

Our Irish Dancing
Reaching The Top

Our Irish dance lessons are taught by former British & World Champion Irish dancer to her unique, high speed and super clean Irish dancing choreography with perfect rhythm and stunning stage presence.

At Bright Irish Dance we nurture and build champions by doing things a little differently. We like to think outside the box and our formula is successful. If your Irish dance lessons are boring or you think you are dancing below your potential and you live in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Westlothian or Fife then we need to talk.

Irish Dance Lessons

We provide beginner Irish dance lessons for all ages and abilities from 3 years and over, covering a mixture of traditional and modern styles of Irish dancing using our unique and state-of-the-art Irish dance techniques. From toddlers (3+) to teens and from never dancing a step to beginner Irish dancers with a rudimentary understanding our instructors create a safe but fun environment for Irish dancing in Scotland.

If you are as passionate about Irish Dance and Irish culture as we are, then you have reached the right place! Our beginner Irish dance classes are open to both ‘recreational’ dancers not wishing to attend competitions and those seeking to compete at Irish dance competitions throughout Scotland (and further afield) of all abilities and all levels. Our students are taught by our team of highly motivated instructors with over thirty years experience between them and have competed and won numerous titles in local, regional and national competitions including our very own World Champion Irish dancer.

All our beginner students will be taught four light Irish dances first – Reel, Light Jig, Single Jig and Slip Jig. Once they can perform all these dances to a good standard they will then move on to Advanced dances – Heavy Jig, Hornpipe and their first ‘Traditional Set Dance’ – Saint Patricks Day. All these advanced dances will be performed in Hard Shoes (also known as ‘Heavies’).

Here at Bright Irish Dance we have a passion for the art of Irish dance and for helping others discover their inner Irish dancer. Are you ready to get up and move? Contact our team today to learn more about our beginner Irish dance lessons and how to become one of our team members.

Irish Dance Lessons

Our competitive Irish dance lessons are held at most of our school venues usually at the end of our beginner Irish dance classes. The lessons consist of competitive and modern Irish dance choreography and are designed to produce a winning combination of speed, grace and precision. Our modern choreography, and signature Bright Irish Dance steps creates dancers who Smile, Sparkle & Shine and DANCE their way to the top of the podium.

We hope to work with passionate Irish dancers who help encourage and elevate the dancers around them. We are all at different points along the road to the top of the podium and a strong sense of commitment is the quality that matters to us far more than competitive achievements and titles at a previous Irish dance school. We want to mold our dancers to our way of dancing, the look, the athleticism and the dynamic Irish dancing that sets us apart.

Bright Irish Dance is a world class Irish dancing and physical fitness training school specifically aimed at elite competitive Irish dancers wishing to compete at the highest level across Open Platform Irish dance organisations.

Do you want to take your Irish dancing to the next level with our cutting-edge and unique Irish dance lessons? As an elite competitive Irish dancing school we focus all our attention on attaining a podium position in the competitions we attend. By shifting the focus of our Irish dancers on to results and performance (with a little sprinkle of “showmanship”) our dancers regularly exceed their own expectations and literally dance their way to the top.




Irish Dance Classes


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Irish Dancing
Our Class Locations

We provide Beginner and Advanced Irish dance lessons at the following locations:

Edinburgh (Currie)

Beginner Class 7pm - 8pm
Advanced Class 8pm - 9pm

Masonic Lodge
Riccarton Mains Road
EH14 5PX


Combined Class 6pm - 7pm
Fitness Class 7pm - 8pm

Church of Scotland Hall
Beauly Place, Templehall


Beginner Class 630pm - 730pm
No Advanced Class

JHM Dance
Greendykes Road
EH52 5AF


Combined Class 6pm - 7pm
No Advanced Class

Templehall Community Centre
Beauly Place, Templehall

Reserved For Competitions

We reserve these two days for
competitions or rest days.


Beginner Class 11am - 12pm
Advanced Class 12pm - 1pm

Uphall Community Centre
Strathbrock Place
EH52 6BN

Places are limited at our Irish dancing classes and spots go quickly!

Your Irish Dance Questions Answered

A selection of Irish dancing questions we are often asked...

We make it our business to bring out the confidence in each of our competitive Irish dancers. Our classes are based on a quality curriculum, emphasising fundamentals & technique, speed & power and stunning & modern choreography engaging and challenging our dancers while helping them grow from average to champions. Here’s a few of the questions we are ask about our Irish dance lessons on a regular basis.

I already dance for another Irish dance school, what happens next?

We arrange a behind closed doors audition for you. All enquiries and communications exchanged between our Irish dancing instructors and a potential new team member are strictly confidential and non-disclosed. Regardless of an audition outcome there will never be any communication exchanged between Bright Irish Dance and another dancing school prior to a formal request to change Irish dance schools.

Do you enrol complete beginners at your Irish dancing classes?

Yes we do enrol complete beginners to Irish dancing but our Irish dance lessons are dynamic and fast paced and all our Irish dance students are expected to keep up with the class. We do however recognise that you need to be able to walk before you can run and due to popular demand we have recently added slower paced, beginner Irish dance lessons to some of our Irish dance class locations to cater for our budding Irish dancers that may need a little more time to perfect our basic choreography – Click Here For Details

At what age do you start taking students at classes?

We take children ages 3 and up as long as they can stay in a room without a parent/guardian present during our Irish dance lessons.

Can I simply turn up at a class and dance?

Unfortunately not. Joining our Irish dancing classes is by appointment only. You’ll need to arrange an audition first. Book your audition here.

I am an adult dancer, can I join Bright Irish Dance?

Absolutely. There is no upper age limit for dancers at our Irish dancing classes. As long as you are committed and prepared to put in the work you are ‘good to go’.

As a parent can I sit in and watch an Irish dance class?

We do not allow parents in the dance studio/hall while we are coaching because we find that it distracts the dancers from the task at hand. We find our dancers are more focused on the coach/teacher and will perform better with fewer people in the studio.

What organisations do you compete at?

We are Open Platform which means we compete at more than one organisation. We enter competitions in World Irish Dance Association (WIDA), Open Platform Irish Dance Federation (OPIDF) and Cumann Rince Náisiúnta (CRN) to name a few. We don’t send competitors to ‘closed organisations’ like An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha (CLRG) or An Comhdháil na Múinteoirí le Rincí Gaelacha Teoranta (“Comhdháil”) as these org’s are only open to their respective dance schools.

How do I sign up for Bright Irish Dance?

To join Bright Irish Dance, email us at – hello@brightirishdance.com and tell us more about your Irish dance background (if any) and where you are located in Scotland. We will find a dance class that fits your ability and is close to your location or put you on our waiting list for a space at our more popular venues. We also will send you a registration form to bring with you to your first Irish dancing lesson. If you are already an Irish dancer dancing for another Irish dance school and you wish to join our elite competition team, you’ll need to arrange a behind-closed-doors audition with us before a formal offer will be presented to you.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about our Irish dance lessons and how you too can
dance your way to the top of the podium.

If your Irish dance lessons are boring and stale or you think you are dancing below your potential and you live in Edinburgh, The Lothian's or Fife then we need to talk…

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