Irish dancing lessons and classes in Edinburgh from Bright Irish Dance, a ‘family’ of Irish dancers based in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland who all share a special bond… the love of competitive Irish dance.

Building champions and friendships in Open Platform Irish dance with our unique approach to Irish dance lessons and our innovative physical fitness techniques…

Based in Edinburgh, Bright Irish Dance offers Competitive Irish dance classes for ages 8+ and Beginner Irish dance lessons from the age of 3 years. Our Irish dancing lessons are taught by former British & World Champion Irish dancer famed for her stunning and super clean Irish dance choreography at high speed, her perfect rhythm and stage performance.

Our fitness & technical work is coached by a former Special Forces directing staff member who specialises in dynamic, powerful and lightning fast kicks and jumps, the ‘signature’ moves of Bright Irish Dance. ‘Higher, faster, stronger’ – the ethos of what we do… Irish dancing excellence at its very best.

Bright Irish Dance is a world class Irish dancing and physical fitness training school specifically aimed at elite competitive Irish dancers wishing to compete at the highest level across Open Platform Irish dance organisations.

We focus on speed, strength, stamina, sharpness and above all power. We pride ourselves on the results that our Irish dancers continue to produce in feiseanna. Our coaching staff know how to get results and we use our cutting-edge Irish dancing techniques in every dance lesson to create the desired results at every competition we enter. Are you ready to dance your way to the top of the podium?

Do you want to take your Irish dancing to the next level with our cutting-edge and unique Irish dance lessons?

At Bright Irish Dance we build champions by doing things a little differently. If your Irish dance lessons are boring and stale or you think you are dancing below your potential and you live in Edinburgh or Central Scotland then we need to talk…